Pitboss Memphis ultimate, Gas, kola og reykofn

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Eitt allra flottasta grill sem þú færð á Íslandi í dag, Getur heitreykt, kaldreykt gas grillað og kolagrillað. Risa grillflötur. 


Your wildest barbecuing dreams have come true. Introducing the Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate – the pinnacle of outdoor cooking. The first of its kind, the Memphis Ultimate is the combination of a gas barbecue, a charcoal barbecue, and a glass doored electric smoker, totaling over 11,960 square centimeters of cooking space. Char-grill burgers or barbecue kebabs on your 36,000 BTU 3-burner gas grill. Grill your favorite meats on your charcoal grill, with a 6-position grade adjustment, front air intake and rear chimney exhaust. The ingenious engineering of the Memphis Ultimate allows you to offset the smoke from the smoker into either grill side, for a delicious added smoke flavor to anything you cook. If that weren’t enough, the Memphis Ultimate also comes equipped with 2 drawer storage, tool hooks, a side shelf for preparation, and locking caster wheels for mobility.